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General Country Information

The Cayman Islands is a British Territory located in the western Caribbean Sea, south of Cuba and northwest of Jamaica. The territory consists of three islands: Grand Cayman, Little Cayman, and Cayman Brac (listed respective to location west to east). These islands are considered to be part of the Greater Antilles. However, the Biology FSP program spends the majority of time on Little Cayman Island.

The climate in the Cayman Islands have a tropical marine climate with a wet season (May to Oct.) and a dry season (Nov. to April). The islands, especially Little Cayman, are known for their world class diving and boast some of the most famous dive sites in the world including the Bloody Bay Wall.

Before You Go

Get SCUBA dive certified. It is highly recommended to get dive certified even though the program does not require you to do so. The dive masters at the station take you out multiple times a week and although snorkeling around the boat will offer you great scenery, it does not compare to the ability to use SCUBA and the incredible amount of marine life you will see otherwise.

Getting There & Getting Settled

The plane ride over from Grand Cayman can be a lot of fun. You take a small plane to Cayman Brac, which then connects to Little Cayman. Staff from the station will great you at the "airport" and drive you and your belongings to the station where you will stay for the next month. Relax, your on a beautiful tropical island in the Caribbean.


The Central Caribbean Marine Institute (CCMI) field station is located on the northern side of the island and is situated only meters from the ocean. The station consists of a two story building housing wet and dry lab space, a classroom set up with a projector screen, meeting room, and a managers office on the first floor and bunk rooms and a common area on the second floor. Sleeping arrangements are in male and female bunk rooms on the second floor of the building. West of the main building is a separate structure with a kitchen and screened in dining area. East of the main building is an elevated bath house with toilets, sinks, and showers.


Not going to need a whole lot, but you will probably spend more money here than during the first two months in Costa Rica (or at least I did). There are shops located next to the air strip and the museum has great homemade ice cream for sale. Also, friday nights is karaoke night at the beach resort so spending money may be used for food or drinks.


The station has a great internet connection.


The station has beach cruiser bikes and a van available for transportation.

Personal Safety & Crime

Little Cayman Island is very safe and has little to no crime. Residents are friendly for the most part.

Cultural Tips / Etiquette

Work hard when you need to, but more importantly know how to take it easy while you're there. Don't do anything you will regret at karaoke.


SCUBA diving outings occur multiple times per week and usually consist of 2 dives. The dive masters will take the group out to various places to dive out at the approx. 365 dive sites around the island. There is also a chance for a night dive.

There are various trails and boardwalks located throughout the island. Beach cruiser bikes are great for getting around the island. Also, be sure to check out the white sandy beaches at Point O' Sand on the eastern end of the island. There are also kayaks available for use and exploration.

Athletics and Recreational Activities

Ball hockey at the beach resort on friday nights and the CCMI staff like to win. Great beach front to work on your chiseled abs too.

Arts & Culture

Mardi Gras parade on Little Cayman while the program is there. Help CCMI make a float and walk beside your contribution in the parade.


Small grocery store near the air strip. Museum and gift shop nearby as well.

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Must See

Your professor singing karaoke like a BAWSE. And dead lion fish.

Holidays & Special Events

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