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The Bio FSP is amazing! You get to see a lot of Costa Rica, which has some of the most diverse ecosystems and flora and fauna in the world, and then you go to maybe the best reef in the Caribbean at Little Cayman Island. I highly recommend it. I learned more that term than I did any other term; you just can't mimic the hands-on experience and problem solving in a lecture class on campus.

General Country Information

Before You Go

Getting There & Getting Settled


You don't have to worry about any of this - they do it all for you! You have a real bed every night except a few, and you're never roughing it too much.


I think I brought about $200, which was fine (I don't buy much stuff). There were also ATMs in San Jose, which were helpful.


You have internet access most all of the time, so Skype works well.


You don't have to worry about any of this - they do it all for you! All of your traveling is in a nice bus.

Personal Safety & Crime

I heard pickpocketing happens in San Jose (try doing it to your friends!), but most of the places feel very safe because they're research stations.

Cultural Tips / Etiquette

You don't have to worry about this too much since you don't have a ton of culture engagement.


San Jose: It's fun to walk around to try to find cool areas, but there are also less exciting sketchier areas. Check out the city though!
Palo Verde: Not a lot of places to go, but hiking up in the hilly forest behind the campsite is neat. You get some good views.
Santa Rosa: Holy crap this place is amazing. They serve the best juice I've ever had, the baby sea turtles are adorable if you see them out during the day, and it's a great place to swim.
Monteverde: There's an amazing waterfall and pool in which you can swim back in the woods down the hill a ways. You'll find it if you explore the trails! We also walked into town (maybe an hour walk?) and hit up a restaurant and a club thing. I'd recommend that with a bunch of friends.
Cuerici: Not as many places to go here, but there are sweet views and tons of blackberries in some of the old cattle pastures.
Corcovado: Definitely spend a good amount of time exploring. Swimming in the river (I believe the Rio Clara is the one that doesn't have gators) is beautiful, and you might get treated to some monkeys swinging by while you're in there. There's so much to see when you walk around the trails there, and walking along the beach is gorgeous. This might be the best place for a night hike. Or any hike if you want to see the wild jungle.
Las Cruces: Again not a lot of places to go, but we weren't here very long at all. The gardens are really neat though.
La Selva: A few of us did longer walks in the trails back a ways (which included a fer-de-lance sighting...).

Little Cayman: Bike rides around part of the island and fun because you can stop anywhere and just hang out and explore the beaches. Hopefully you get to attend the Mardi Gras parade and make a float out of garbage you pick up on the beach! Snorkeling in the reefs right off the station is great too, including a night snorkel with a flashlight.

Athletics and Recreational Activities

Make workout groups with your friends because there are some baller places you can work out. There are soccer fields at a view of the stations, which are great for getting games going!

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